Icons and Modern Art

This volume shows the profound visual influence that icons have had on Western modern art. Twenty juxtapositions make it possible to understand how artists of the Classical Modern Age and the present have adopted and varied certain pictorial formulas of icon painting.

Stefan Brenske,
2005 published at Schnell & Steiner, Regensburg,
128 S., 42 Farb.-Abb.,
ISBN 3-7954-1680-9, 49,90 Euro

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Windows on Eternity - 2nd edition English

This engaging volume presents the reader with a detailed interpretation for every illustration given. In so doing, it offers the reader an informative cross section of the iconography of the east. Representations include important museum pieces as well as striking icons which are privately owned.

Stefan and Helmut Brenske
2000 published at Carl Albrecht Verlag Hanover
ISBN 3-9806127-2-4
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Fenster zur Ewigkeit - 2nd edition German

This volume shows 48 color images of Our Lady, Christ, Saints and Angel icons. Every picture is described and interpreted. The introductory text also brings the "cult images of the Eastern Church" closer to Christians and art lovers.

Stefan and Helmut Brenske
2000 published at Carl Albrecht Verlag Hanover
ISBN 3-9806127-1-6
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Ikonen selber malen

The book provides information on traditional painting materials and painting techniques. However, it also provides information about modern methods and simplifications in the painting process, which have become possible through the development of modern colors and materials ...

H. Brenske - Dr. S. Brenske - P.Maslow
1998 published at Carl Albrecht Verlag Hanover
ISBN 3-9806127-0-8
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„Fenster zur Ewigkeit“ - 1st edition German

In contrast to some comparable publications, the present illustrated book has been given a more detailed interpretation for each illustration, but the book is not intended to be understood as a scientific elaboration with corresponding references to sources ...

Stefan and Helmut Brenske
1996 published at Berghaus Verlag
"Out of Print"
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Ikonen - Helmut Brenske

... The reason for the demand is probably to be found in the fact that many answers can be found for the first time in this book that have not yet been published in any other icon book, although in the meantime many books on the subject of "icons" have appeared. ..

Helmut Brenske (Editor), introduction about the history of icon painting by Stefan Brenske
1997 published at
Internationaler Kulturdienst Verlag Munich
"Out of Print"
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Braunschweiger Werkstücke

Der Hl. Kreuz-Zyklus in der ehemaligen Braunschweiger Stiftskirche [The Cycle of the Holy Cross in the Former Collegiate Church in Brunswick], St. Blasius (cathedral), Braunschweiger Werkstücke vol. 72. Brunswick: Stadtarchiv und Stadtbibliothek Braunschweig, 1988, publication of diss. University of Hamburg, 1988.

Stefan Brenske
1988 published at
Stadtarchiv und Stadtbibliothek Braunschweig
"Out of Print"
ISBN 3-87884-035-7
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